New Member Orientation


New Member Orientation

All new members MUST attend a Range Orientation BEFORE getting a gate key and using our facilities.


    New Member Orientation - Outline

    Student Requirements

    • EYE and EAR Protection
    • Appropriate clothing and footwear for outdoor weather
    • If new member, membership card, name tag and Club handbook

    Orientation Objective

    • Provide a tour of Club’s Ranges and Facilities
    • Provide an overview of our Club’s History and Organization
    • Provide an overview of Club Range Rules

    Orientation Outline

    1. Introductions
    2. Overview of Club History, Mission, and Structure
    3. Front Gate and Member Card and Access Rules
    4. Guest Registration Rules
    5. Shotgun Range Overview
    6. Rifle Range Overview
    7. Pistol Ranges Overview


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