Non-Restricted Firearms Course & License​ (PAL)


Non-restricted firearms course & licence

This three evening, 11 hour course, (Wednesday/Thursday/Friday) will teach students the required course material to apply for the non-restricted firearms license typical for rifles and shotguns legal for hunting. You will be taught the history, regulations, ethics and safe handling of legal firearms.
The classroom course will also include hands-on instruction with deactivated firearms. There will be two exams, one written and one practical.


Canadian residents who are 18 years of age or older who wish to obtain a PAL are required to satisfy CFSC requirements. Anyone who takes the course and does not pass both the written and practical tests must wait one day to retest. All retesting must be done within seven days of the original attempt.


Canadian Residents aged 12 to 17 who wish to obtain a Minor’s PAL must complete the CFSC course. This will enable a minor to borrow a firearm for hunting or target practice only. Although this does not allow the minor to purchase a firearm, they may be able to purchase ammunition in some provinces.


There is an additional fee of $61.32 required when you submit your application form to the RCMP.

New Minor’s Licence:

$10 (up to 1 year)

$20 (1–2 years)

$30 (more than 2 years)

Replacement Minor’s Licence:


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Course & Licence

Instructor: Ken Moore



Location: Prince Rupert Rod and Gun Club

To register:  call 250-600-0725

Canadian Firearms Program  ·  Phone: 1-800-731-4000

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