CFSC News & Covid

CFSC news & Covid

The latest CFSC took place October 21 to 23. Testing done on the following Saturday. Due to COVID the class was reduced in size to allow adequate space.

Prince Rupert being a haven for hunting, it seems there is no end to the amount of people wanting their firearms licence. Since I started instructing the CFSC/CRFSC in 2014 I have had over 400 students. The success rate for my students is about 98.5%, and this last class was no exception with everyone successfully completing both the written and practical tests.

This class was a little different than usual as we had 4 students working toward getting their MINOR PAL. One may think youths aged 12 wouldn’t have the foundational interest to understand firearms, but the opposite is true, their keen interest in the subject is very apparent once the class starts and it is quite enjoyable teaching these young people.
Some people having used rifles and shotguns most of their life grumble about having to take the CFSC to acquire new guns and ammunition, but once the course is underway, they soon realize that the goal is personal safety and the safety of their family, friends, and neighbors, this usually softens their demeaner.
Many older students in discussions after the course, comment on how much they “didn’t” know, or how much they “assumed” was right but was not. Back in the day, we usually learned how to handle firearms from our parents which in most cases was all it took to keep us on the right side of the equation, but as laws change we must follow. What was acceptable then, may not necessarily be the right thing now, especially when you consider firearm and ammunition storage.

Student Question

How long after I send in my application form, will it take to get my licence?

A common question from students is “how long after I send in my application form, will it take to get my licence”?

Unfortunately, there is not a clear answer. In most circumstances you may wait up to 60 days, but it seems at the moment, there is a backlog of applications and I have heard of 5 months and more. One of the issues with long wait times may be related to an improperly filled application form, or character references not available to answer questions.