RPAL Fire Arm Course

Four students from the October non-restricted CFSC, decided to go further and take the restricted course. The course started at 8:30am and went through to about 3:30. These students took advantage of taking this course while the previous course was still fresh in their minds which makes everything easier to understand. The CRFSC is a supplement to the CFSC which concentrates the learning toward understanding the different handgun actions, as well as the added list of rules a restricted firearms owner must know. It may seem from hearsay, that owning restricted firearms is an arduous task that most people would rather not subject themselves to. “Yes, there are a few more rules to understand and deal with, but once you learn these few extra rules you will find that it really is not that hard over and above regular rifle and shotgun ownership” – Ken Moore (Firearm Instructor).

One of the benefits of getting your restricted licence is that the opportunity to participate in handgun competition shooting, which you can find more information about in our website under IPSC.

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