Butze Rapids Trail

Aside from fishing and boating in general in the Prince Rupert area, there are also some interesting and picturesque walks and hikes that can be enjoyed. One that I particularly enjoy while I am in the area each summer is the Butze Rapids Trail. This is classified as an easy walk along a looped and well-maintained trail.

Personally, I like to walk the trail and enjoy all the diverse scenery. There are of course the tidal rapids created by the tide changes (with a nice viewpoint), ocean views, forest, and a section of muskeg. The hike itself is not too difficult with about a 138 Meter elevation gain throughout. Some people, in much better physical conditioning than myself, run the trail and I will see them pass me a couple of times as I meander along. There are enough short climbs to get me breathing, but not so much as to make me wish I had not done the trip.

After 4 or 5 days out on the water taking people fishing, it is nice to just get out and enjoy a walk. I have taken a lot of pictures along this trail and I share a few below for your enjoyment.

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